Date Rush Season 3 premieres on TV3 on March 1


What is a date? Could it be “meet, talk, eat, drink and enjoy a fun activity together for a day at a specific location?”

The Ghanaian society is fast changing and our exposure to the internet and social media is influencing major cultural changes in our way of life, interactions with each other and the way we perceive ourselves.

One of the most affected cultural norms is the selection process of an intimate and life partner; the age to start dating, who to date, where to look for a date, the ‘conversation’ during the dating period and other aspects of the process has drastically changed in the last two decades.

TV3, the leading television station in Ghana premieres the third edition of Date Rush on Sunday 1st March 2020. The show focuses on the dating process with conversations between the old and young generations on an array of subject in a bid to entertain, inform and educate viewers and society as a whole.

The game show is for single eligible gentlemen to get a special date with a lady. The challenge is to make the best impression on the ladies to get them to want to go on the date within 4 presentation stages which leads to date at a romantic location to be captured on cameras.

Season 3 of Date Rush would end with a two day couples retreat at a plush hotel in the city which will be nothing short of romance and drama amidst several activities such as club night, couples counselling sessions and interviews.

Date Rush airs on TV3 every Sunday at 8PM from 1st March 2020.


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