COVID-19: I won’t perform in China, no matter how much I’m paid – Kuami Eugene


Even if Kuami Eugene is offered billions of dollars to perform in China, he won’t, due to Conovirus fears.

According to the “Obiato” hitmaker, he will only perform in China on one condition – after the virus is 100 per cent over.

He made this revelation during an exclusive interview with on Thursday, February 27.

He was speaking about his lucrative ambassadorial deal with smartphone manufacturing company, Itel Mobile, when he made the revelation.

When asked if he will be willing to perform in China when offered a huge sum of money from Itel, he said it’s impossible.

“That would be after they have a 100 per cent confirmation that the virus is over,” he said.

He said his decision can’t be influenced by money because he wants to live and do more for the company.

“It’s not just about the money, it’s about the love. And I just want to be alive and do more for Itel.”

Kuami Eugne also took the chance to clear the air regarding rumours about how much he earned in the deal.

He is rumoured to have earned about GHC200,00 from the ambassadorial deal but he says it’s even more than that.

“I hear people saying Itel paid me 200,000 [GHC]. It’s probably more than 200,000…I just don’t want to put the figures out there.”Related Articles:

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