Closing down churches has reduced road accidents; Popular Pastor reveals


A repented ‘Fake’ Ghanaian Pastor has unveiled what most Pastors do for rituals. “Most of the accidents on our roads are caused by these Pastors who use the blood for their occult practices“. John Blessed Blay revealed on NET 2 TV, Monday.

As he is affectionately known as Obotan in his days as a Fake Pastor, he explained how some pastors cause this accidents to happen.

So we will drop cowries in some selected VIP Buses and Long Journey Vehicles to cause the accident to happen if the Driver is not spiritually strong.

Since we closed down churches have you been hearing of excessive road accidents in Ghana, Just think about this.

He further disclosed that there are a lot of evil Pastors scattered across the length and breadth of the country, but he has been told not to mention any names.

He asked why a Pastor prides himself of having so much powers and even blessed wrist bands and sourvenirs for his member in order to protect them, but they had fatal accident on their way coming from his monthly Prayer Camp on the lake road. That was a subtly shot thrown at popular Pastor Rev. O.B of MOGPA.

“He used their blood for rituals” Obotan concluded.

Closing down churches has reduced road accidents; Popular Pastor reveals

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