Cina Soul discusses her relationship with Kidi in her recent collaboration with Camidoh.


Ghanaian musician Cina Soul has released her debut song for 2022, “Waiting,” featuring Camidoh.

Produced by Beehive Entertainment resident producer Konfem, the Afro-R&B song has a duration of 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

The Ghanaian artists portray people who are in love but have broken up because of relationship issues while giving excellent vocal performances on this song.

The man begins the song by saying, “Ever since you left, I haven’t been the same.” “I can’t take the pain.” “Ouch.”

He also expresses a desire for reconciliation. ”Every day, I’m praying that you come, everyday, I’m looking all around. “

For Cina Soul’s part, the woman responds by posing a rhetorical question, “What’s a man without a wife?” and complains, “You see my pain [but] you no dey mind.”

A character performed by Cina also speaks about the alleged sexual relationship with KiDi, which the song claims is interfering with her relationship.

“You figure KiDi wey been dey knack me, right?” she sings, to wit: “You think I’ve been sleeping with KiDi, right?”

The separated lovers in the chorus pine for one another and want reunion when they sing “I’ve been waiting.”

A visualizer for the song was made available on YouTube on Monday, October 24, 2022.

“Waiting,” sung in English and Pidgin, is Cina’s 2021 follow-up to “Feelings,” which featured Kidi. 

Cina Soul with Camidoh.

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