Cardi B Snub: Sankrah Ankobiah lamented on how it all Happened


Ghanaian Lawyer and Fashionista, Sandra Ankobiah has detailed in a long tweet about how the whole Cardi B Brouhaha happened and the fact that organisers should be the one to blame.

In a series of tweet monday, the lawyer who was among the few celebrities selected to have lunch with American rapper, Cardi B revealed how it all happened as far as she is concerned.

“This could have happened to, and can happen to anyone invited to any event. And so I would imagine that the blame of the entire fiasco would be laid at the doorsteps of the organisers.

“We didn’t leave our homes to go to Kempinski on our own accord to meet Cardi B. Someone invited us there. The organisers (trusted industry people) invited us. And I would have thought the conveners of this “private lunch” would be the ones to whom all this would be directed at.

“I was invited to a “private lunch of a few selected people with Cardi b”. Time given was 1pm. I got there just after 2pm knowing how these things can get off to a late start. After about half past 2 I started asking why the event hadn’t begun.

“I was told Cardi b just arrived in Ghana a few minutes ago and so was tired and needed to freshen up for the event. She would be there at 4pm. I wasn’t happy about this but it was around 3pm by then and they ushered us into the venue to have something to eat whiles we waited.

“I had seen some friends and so wasn’t too bothered thinking we could talk and chill for about an hour whiles we waited. At 4pm when Cardi b hadn’t showed up I asked why and was told she would be there at 5. I left at that point.

“All this energy used in ridiculing the invited guests should be channelled into asking pertinent questions, especially of the organisers.

“And to all the people, especially industry people who find this humorous and have jumped on the ridiculing train, I pray if/when something like this (or anything) happens to you, people and the universe, are kinder.

Love and light.”

Celebrities including; Afia Schwar, Victoria Labenee, Akuapem Poloo, Lydia Forson, Efia Odo among several others were among those selected to have lunch with Cardi B.

Victoria Labenee, Akuapem Poloo and Afia Schwar came out publicly to vent their anger, stating it was a total disrespect by the rapper.

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