Bullied 9-yr-old Boy With Dwarfism Lied, He’s 18 & A Rich Celebrity In Australia | See Proof


Yesterday, the news of a 9 year old boy who was reported being bullied because of his disability spread like wildfire across many social media platforms and news sites.

Quaden Bayles caught global attention with a video of him that went viral, showing him in a school uniform crying, saying he wants to kill himself as a woman at the background, his mother, claimed he is a 9-year-old boy being bullied in school.

She stated that her son who has dwarfism had tried to kill himself in the past and she called for parents to teach their children to stop bullying because of the effect on him and the entire family.

After several research, the true identity of Quaden has been dug up. He is a rich model/actor/IG celebrity in Australia who is suspected to be 18-year-old and not 9-year-old as claimed. His IG page, quadosss, has over 168,000 following and pictures from his alleged 18th birthday was posted on the 18th of January.

The heartbreaking video which was viewed over 16 million times caught the global attention and US Comedian, Brad Williams who also has dwarfism started a GoFundMe for him which raised over $200,000 donations to travel to Disney with his mother.

Quaden was also slated to lead the National Rugby League’s Indigenous All-Stars team out before Saturday’s NRL pre-season match against the Maori All-Stars in Queensland’s Gold Coast.

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