Becca and husband dance as she whines her waist for him in new video


Ghanaian songstress Becca and her Nigerian husband Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni has amused fans with a new video of them dancing together.

At a point, Becca’s husband stopped dancing to watch her whine her waist.

And when he could no longer stand it, perhaps out of extreme admiration for his wife, Sanni started walking away.

Becca shared the video to her Instagram and disclosed that she had to pressurise her husband many times before he agreed to be featured in the video.

beccafrica: “The pressure that went into getting him to do this video! lol.”

Many people have reacted to the video and they are full of admiration for the couple.

Poundz, had her own interpretation of Becca’s husband leaving: poundz4u: “He will be like damn,as we reached this lever I can twist my waist.”

Mari said the husband should have waited: mari.bel616: “Oh,he should have just waited erh.”

Zinabu also commented on the video: zinabu739: “he won’t even continue again.”

Dorothy observed how Becca’s husband kept staring at her while she whined her waist:

dorothyedwins: “Hehehe am enjoying his looks when he was leaving you.”

Becca herself was excited about how she got her husband admiring her while she whined:

beccafrica: “@dorothyedwins I made him do it 20 times.”

Akintola admired the couple: ayooluwaakintola: “Now i see y my naija brother had to marry u, u look so gorgeous for a mother of one, great job.”

Esi also commented on the video:

Source: YEN

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