Are you stupid? – Abeiku Santana to Ahkan of Ruff N Smooth


His answers to questions asked by Abeiku Santana regarding how Ruff N Smooth collapsed and why he kept on helping former member Bullet to push acts on his label seemed not convincing as the puzzled journalist questioned his ability to reason.

Ahkan, a member of now defunct Ruff N Smooth in an interview with the Okay FM presenter recalled circumstances that led to the formation and collapse of the music group. He mentioned that Bullet once approached him after he featured on Bullet’s song which was produced by Jay Q. Although many advised him not to accept the proposal to form a music group, he ignored counsel because he “saw something good in Bullet”.

According to Ahkan, he hosted Bullet in his father’s house and they lived like brothers afterwards.

Having released hits for years and gained prominence in the music industry, Ahkan said he was shocked Bullet turned cold all of a sudden – a posture which according to him, was the beginning of the end.

“He stopped Ruff N Smooth to go into full-time artiste management. He never told me he was quitting the group. He left the group citing no reason. I was worried,” he said.

Asked why he did not confront Bullet over the development knowing how disturbed he [Ahkan] was, he responded: “It got to a time, I understood him. I could call him for studio sessions and he won’t show up. He’s busy doing other things. So I felt I should just give him the gap and focus on myself. As at that time, I was giving him a helping hand. I supported his artistes Brella and Ebony in diverse ways.”

According to him, Bullet after exiting the group to form RuffTown Records asked him to coach signee Ebony Reigns on how to sing since he [Ahkan] is a singer. Not only that. Bullet requested beats from him and at no point did he say ‘no’ to Bullet.

“You helped RuffTown Records after Bullet was cold towards you, after he failed to answer your calls and come to the studio for you to work as a group. Why, are you stupid? Someone meted out such an unfair treatment to you; yet you offer help? Ah!” Abeiku Santana said.

“I realized that’s what he wanted to do. And I’m compassionate, hence my decision to help him,” Ahkan answered. “It’s a life lesson, I’ve learnt something from this.”

Ruff N Smooth became a sensation in 2009 following the release of ‘Swagger’ – a single on the ‘Life is Rough & Smooth’ album.  It won the Ghana Music Group of the Year Award in 2010 at the City People Entertainment Awards held in Lagos and was nominated for Afro-Pop Song of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards same year.

Ahkan has been a solo artiste since 2015.

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