Ahuofe Patri accused as a Lesbian after she accepted a lady’s proposal


Priscilla Opoku Agyemang known in showbiz as Ahuofe Patri is one of the most popular faces on Ghanaians screens when it comes to movies.

Sadly, this beautiful actress has been embroiled in several scandals, allegations, and speculations since she hit the limelight.

Popular among the rumors is the allegation that she is a hardcore weed smoker who can’t go a day without smoking Indian hemp.

She has also been accused of husband snatching. A case in point is when it was alleged she snatched Kwabena Kwabena from his manager/alleged girlfriend Frema Ashkar now Franka Adunyame.

Well, the latest question being asked by Netizens about Ahuofe Patri is whether she is a lezbian now due to some attitude she has put out recently.

Ama Governor, a Ghanaian Youtuber hit the dm of top 50 Ghanaian celebrities to generate content for her YouTube channel under the title “ Hitting on 50 celebrities in the DM Gh”

Well, whiles it’s understandable that most of the male celebrities took advantage to chase the lady for sex, not that kind of response was expected from Ahuofe Patri.

Ama Governor hit the dm of Ahuofe Patri and began to woo her. She talked about how beautiful she is and the fact that she would love to take her out on a date.

Well, Ahuofe Patri responded and she was eager to hit it off with Ama Governor like old pals.

Ama Governor wrote: hi Boo. You are beautiful. Let me take you out in a date once this is over (referring to Coronavirus pandemic)

Ahuofe Patri responded: Yes pls ?. You are gorgeous.

Well, when Ama Governor responded that she is a YouTuber and was making a content, Ahuofe Patri vanished.

Read the chat below.

This strange response from Ahuofe Patri has left many wondering if she is now into women. It’s no crime if you ask me tho

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