Adjetey Anang finally shows son to the world


The award-winning actor has finally shown their son to the world after seven years of childlessness.

The actor had revealed that the most difficult part of his 12-year-old marriage was when they had to wait for many years for a child. 

Anang having to wait for seven years for their first child brought them untold pain and struggle.

This is mainly because society frowned upon them, while they themselves were anxious. Anang took to Instagram to post photos of his lovely son, advising people that patient is the key to success. 

He also shared some relationship tips indicating that it is very important to maintain a family culture. Meanwhile, in an earlier report by, Pusher revealed that washing of dishes in his home was his topmost priority. 

He explained that that was a way he could help the home grow neatly, stressing that washing of dishes and other domestic chores are not restricted to wives only. 

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