Abeiku Santana and Nana Aba clash each other over Cardi B’s visit to Ghana


Two of Ghana’s most celebrated media personalities, Abeiku Santana and Nana Aba Anamoah have taken a swipe at each other over Cardi B’s snub on some selected Ghanaian celebrities.

Abeiku Santana on his show on Monday called out why “Loud Mouth” Nana Aba, ‘Social Media Girls Prefect’ has failed to talk on happenings of the Cardi B incident as to who exactly is to be blamed, but was reportedly bashing Despite Media for bringing Simply Tacha to Ghana.

“And Loud mouth Nana Aba Anamoah was silence about this…why don’t she come on Social Media to insult Cardi B and the organisers” Abeiku Santana stated.

Abeiku Santana continued that “We brought Simply Tacha to Ghana for her to be abreast with her traditions and culture and she [Nana Aba] was asking ‘Who is Simply Tacha?’ “


However, the comment did not go down well with Nana Aba who wanted to confirm if Abeiku really made those statement about her. Abeiku boldly came out to clarify that indeed he made that statement based on what she had earlier stated concerning Simply Tacha’s trip to Ghana.

Did Abeiku really say that I dissed UTV for bringing someone to Ghana? I’ll like to know when and where I did that. @AbeikuSantana did you really say that? Oh anka this TL will be LIT. Kindly confirm if you opened your mouth to spew what these bloggers have been claiming”

Nana Aba, then, referred to Abeiku Santana’s allegation as ‘trash’ and urged him to try again because what he said was ‘ridiculous’.

Most Social media users have taken sides on this matter, others calling for calm and unity for both respected media influencers.

We will keep you informed with all the Latest updates on this story.

Source: Vibeweek.com | Sylvester Owusu

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