A movie producer gave me a bounced cheque four years ago – Yvonne Nelson


Actress and producer Yvonne Nelson has backed her claim that some movie producers do not pay their casts with evidence on live TV.

The actress presented a bounced cheque that was given to her four years ago by the said producer to the host, Jessica Opare Saforo.

She told Jessica, Host of Traffic Avenue on Citi FM in an interview monitored by Ghanaweb, that Kofi Ajorlolo spoke the truth and that she herself carries a check from a producer, which bounced years ago, but she only didn’t pursue the issue.

“See this thing is true, I even have a bounced cheque from 2016, I have kept it in my purse since 2016 because I knew I will need it someday,”

“What Kofi said, that is the truth, that is our reality so I don’t understand why Elikem was disrespectful to him because Kofi is a legend, I mean I will lie down for Kofi to walk on me..our industry doesn’t pay.”

Yvonne Nelson who is a producer herself said she makes sure she pays her actors the money due them, even though the industry doesn’t pay anymore. She said she does the work because of the passion she has for the industry.


A few weeks ago veteran actor Kofi Ajorlolo granted an interview to Joy Prime, where he angrily blasted movie producers for not paying him after working for them. The actor said seven produced had refused to pay him after he worked for them, and he didn’t understand why they would make him work in his old age and refuse to pay him.

“Some of the producers in Ghana here, they should respect themselves…old man like me, they call me to come and work and they can’t pay me…”

“About seven producers in this country owe me monies…why? And then I’m sitting at home, I’m hungry, and then when I’m sick too nobody pays attention…Look we have elderly people lying down on their sickbeds and these producers owe them,” he told the presenter.

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