6 ways to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day


February begins and suddenly we all start to feel very romantic: Valentine’s Day is here!

On the 14th of February, love reigns and it is essential to surprise our partner in an ingenious and unexpected way. Here we offer you a list of 6 ways to surprise your partner in an original way:

Breakfast in bed

A classic and the best way to start the day. It turns out to be one of the most desired and easiest surprises to give. Furthermore, it is an effective way to show your partner how important they are.

Romantic letters

An idea for those couples who, due to the incompatibility work schedules cannot enjoy a lot of time together during the day.

Fill the house or one of the rooms with romantic notes, lyrics from songs, quotes from your favourite author… so that when they get home they see how much they mean to you. With this gesture you show that, even if you are not with your partner all day, you do not stop thinking about them.

A picnic

Organising a picnic (with the classic checkered tablecloth and everything) for two in a park or garden can be a simple and economical way to get out of the routine, and at the same time, do something romantic with your partner.

A few homemade snacks and a bottle of good wine are the perfect companions.

An album of photos and memories

An album with photos and memories accumulated throughout the relationship, such as the restaurant receipt where you went for your first dinner together, several movie tickets or plane tickets from some of your travels together, can be the ideal gift.

A gift in the air

There is nothing more beautiful than chasing the sunrise or accompanying the sunset with your loved one. If you like unforgettable experiences, then dare to hop in a hot air balloon.

A romantic getaway with a surprise (love letters)

There is nothing more beautiful than sharing a trip together! Celebrate together at any time of the year.

How? With ease! We all have a special song that means something between you and your partner. You just have to tell us the title of the song and we will take care of surprising your partner during your stay at the hotel.

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