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Why is this bucket called ‘veronica bucket’?



The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and the campaign on constant washing of hands with soap under running water, has made the veronica buckets very popular in Ghana in recent times.

What is the veronica bucket?

The veronica bucket is a bucket with a tap near the bottom that is perched above a basin to catch runoff for effective hand washing.

The bucket is not only used in Ghana but in many African countries.

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It has become essential in stopping the spread of many diseases such as Cholera, Ebola and currently the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is commonly used in areas where running water from taps from the water company are scarce and therefore very common in some hospitals and schools.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), has seen demand for the veronica bucket shot up as it is being used in homes, workplaces, churches and mosques among others.

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Veronica Bekoe

Why is it called veronica bucket?

It is called veronica bucket because the person who invented it is called Veronica Bekoe, a retired Ghanaian biological scientist.

It has been named after her.


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