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There will be chaos if Ghana goes on total lockdown – Sefa Kayi



Astute morning show host with Peace FM, Kwame Sefa Kayi, has explained the government’s delay in declaring a lockdown of the country in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Chairman General, as he is affectionately called, says ideally, Ghana should now be on a total lockdown but the leadership of the country should think about the masses first, in case that hard decision will come up in the West African nation as according to him, it has a lot of domestic implications.

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Speaking on his flagship morning show program dubbed ‘Kokrokoo’ on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, the top journalist opined total lockdown in Ghana will cause complete disorder and confusion in the country.

In his analysis, the award-winning broadcaster explained that some Ghanaian nationals cannot afford to stock essential needs as well as foodstuffs in large quantities for consumption in their various homes.

“…Ideally, Ghana needs a total lockdown but… in my humble opinion, I think that when the country is on total lockdown, there’ll be chaos and discomforts in the system due to lack of food, …and what shall we do in a situation like that?”, he quizzed rhetorically.

“…It’s not anybody who can afford to stock their refrigerators with essential needs. In the actual sense, some even don’t have fridges in their homes …so as we consider lockdown, let’s have the masses in mind”, said Chairman General.

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