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1st person to die of COVID-19 in Ghana buried in new video



Tarek Minkara, a 61-year-old Lebanese who was resident in Kumasi and died of coronavirus or COVID-19 shortly after returning to the country has reportedly been buried.

According to, this is in line with the 61-year-old’s religion and custom as a Muslim which mandates that the deceased are buried shortly after their passing.

In a video sighted by, the deceased Lebanese was transported to the grave with an ambulance as the people in charge carefully put on protective wears to keep themselves fully shielded.

This is due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 which was responsible for the death of Tarek Minkara, whose family is yet to be heard from in the media.

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1st man to die of COVID-19 in Ghana gets buried

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It is reported that the 61-year-old Tarek Minkara was a spare parts dealer and a popular figure in Kumasi where he resided before death took him away sadly.

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Reports also indicated that his age alone was not the factor that made the Lebanese susceptible to the novel coronavirus as he had other underlying health conditions which have not been disclosed to the public.

Clothed in hazmat suits and carrying disinfectant sprayers, the group of young men in the video transported the deceased’s remains to the cemetery, observed the Islamic prayers, and laid him to rest in the company of some health officials.

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The burial reportedly took place on March 22.

Source: YEN