10 Artistes Shatta Wale has fought in his career


It is obvious that Dancehall star Shatta Wale is known for fighting his colleague musicians in order to get Ghanaians attention.

Since his second coming as Dancehall King, he has always been in the news for throwing jabs at his colleagues and other industry folks. He say his mind on on almost everything including; Politics, Artist welfare, Events and more without recourse to its immediate or future effect.

However, Shatta Wale is still known to be one of the most sought after musicians in Ghana in the past 5 years, and has moved a step further to become one of the most successful artistes in Ghana.

To recount his misunderstandings with some of the industry’s favorite stakeholders, Vibeweek.com has compiled 10 Top musicians Shatta Wale has someway somehow fought in his career, spanning over a decade.

Here are the complete list


Samini (L), Bola Ray (Middle) Shatta Wale (R)

Shatta Wale began his second coming by attacking Samini’s Artist Kaakie at the time, when she won the Best Dancehall Artist of the year ahead of him in 2012 VGMA. He used the opportunity to release diss song at Kaakie and Samini, not leaving the VGMA organizers, Charterhouse.

After getting the attention of Ghanaians, he became the most sought after artist, commanding for the first time a performance fee of GHC60,000 per show.

Shatta Wale and Samini sparked the most longest beef in Ghana music history, where they attack each other in their songs.



The feud between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale began shortly after the later won 2015 BET International Act of the year. He became a target of Shatta Wale for years until they finally clashed at the VGMA 2019 stage. Meanwhile, the issue is still in court, but VGMA has placed a ban on them indefinitely from the Award scheme.



Sarkodie and Shatta Wale were friends at the beginning of Shatta’s comeback in 2014. They went on to release some hit songs together before their feud began. Shatta Wale ignited the beef by calling Sarkodie a ‘poor’ artist in most of his posts. Their beef has spanned for years as it has become one of the most talked about feud in the industry at the moment.


Tic Tac

Shatta Wale made allegations against Tictac in one of his videos posted on social media, where he said, Veteran Hiplife Artist, Tictac was one of the hottest musicians in the early 2000’s but he did not manage his finances well thus his struggles now as an artist. This sparked a quick reaction from Tictic. On GhOne TV in 2016, as he was responding to Shatta Wale, the Station was at the sametime playing a Music Video of Shatta Wale which got him angry. He boycotted the Live Interview and further called on the Station to apologize.

At the moment, Shatta and Tic Tac are not in good terms.

Yaa Pono

Both musicians made a lot of headlines in 2017 following a misunderstanding between them. Pono was reportedly denied an opportunity to perform at a concert headlined by Shatta Wale in Cape Coast in the Central Region.

The organisers of the said concert later explained that Yaa Pono was unable to perform because they were running out of time, and therefore had to cut down on the performances.

Things got ugly when the two released diss tracks to attack each other. The rapper and dancehall artiste had since not smoked the peace pipe publicly until they were seen partying together at Club Onyx, owned by D-Black.


Announcing their sacking on social media, Shatta Wale did not give specific reasons as to why he took that decision. But while performing at the Odwira Unlimited concert at Akropong, Pope Skinny took a few minutes to explain why he is longer friends with Shatta Wale.

Seemingly surprised by the sack, Pope Skinny disclosed that he still loved Shatta Wale while praising himself as the best friend Shatta would ever have.


Shatta Wale has become the toast of many after his outbursts when he lost the category to Kaakie.

He then took to Twitter to vent his spleen on Kaakie for winning the award and recorded an insulting song, Letter to Charter House, to the organisers. Aim of the song was to sound a word of caution to the organisers that, he doesn’t need any award from them.

He has since apologised to her, the organizers, Charter House and Ghanaians. Commenting on the issue again, Shatta Wale said Kaakie is one of the hardworking female artistes in Ghana who needs to be supported and I’m supporting her to the fullest.

Andy Dosty

On Monday, January 21, 2019, Andy Dosty, host of ‘Hitz in the Morning’ on Hitz FM, posted a questionnaire on his twitter page for listeners to share their opinion on.

In the tweet, Andy wrote “BIG STORY: Shatta Wale says Ghanaian youth are broke because they FOOL a lot. Is that true? Share your thoughts on Air as I read them.”

The tweet did not go down well with Shatta Wale since it drew a lot of bashing from listeners of the program.

Shatta Wale who is known for being controversial hit back at Andy Dosty for such a questionnaire posed to his listeners. In his reply, Shatta Wale wrote “Andy people like you is what I am talking about ooo ..So does your woman read what you write at all ..Don’t think you are tarnishing my image ooo but u digging ur own deep pit .. I salute you Mr I know it all.”

Shatta Wale’s reply also got a lot of social media users commenting with some supporting him while others are not in support of his rant at Andy Dosty.

Andy Dosty on the other hand replied Shatta Wale in a tweet “If you say people like me is what you’re talking about then it means TRULY you made that statement.

So how am I tarnishing your image by quoting what you said? Well….let’s see who digs his own pit at the end of the day.” It seems the banter between the two public figures are drawing a lot of comments and replies from social media users.


The self-acclaimed King of African Dancehall, in November 2017, claimed in an interview that he doesn’t recognise the “Ojuelegba” hitmaker as a superstar.

“We are living a life where upcoming youths are watching people get surprised by my achievement because they don’t have a mind to elevate themselves.

I don’t see Wizkid to be too much for me but most of my Ghanaians and Ghanaian colleagues see him like that. But I want Wizkid to see me and be like wow not otherwise because what is talking is your pocket, property, investment.

I don’t see anything extraordinary about him, even though he claims to the be best African artiste,” he stated.

His statement caused outrage on social media, with many Nigerians jabbing him for weeks.

Since then, many fans have been waiting for a response from Wizkid.

Finally, Wizkid has replied him and it’s all love.

The Starboy Entertainment imprint owner, who was unveiled as one of the headline artistes for the 2018 edition of Ghana Meets Naija concert, was interviewed on phone during the launch of the concert.

After speaking about people’s expectations, he gave Shatta Wale a shout out.

“I want to say shout out to Shatta Wale,” he said, laughed and dropped the call.

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