Closing down churches has reduced road accidents; Popular Pastor reveals

A repented ‘Fake’ Ghanaian Pastor has unveiled what most Pastors do for rituals. “Most of the accidents on our roads are caused by these Pastors who use the blood for their occult practices“. John Blessed Blay revealed on NET 2 TV, Monday. As he is affectionately known as Obotan in his days as a Fake […]

Agyin Asare is a Fake Pastor, he trained Obinim – Popular Pastor shockingly reveals

Popular Pastor Adjin Asare has been brought into a fresh allegation leveled against him by a repented fake Pastor John Blessed Blay popularly known as Obotan. The Pastor has dragged the leader of Perez Chapel International into public scrutiny with his latest claims. According to him, Pastor Charles Agyin Asare is a “Fake Pastor” who […]