Shatta Bandle Features AY Poyoo and Ahkan in New Song (Video)

Ghanaian socialite, known for his diminutive stature, Shatta Bandle, has hinted on releasing a hit song this year. The self-acclaimed millionaire has set fans yearning for the song of which he posted a snippet. He was captured in the studio lip-singing to his song, and from the rhythm in the background, it could be a […]

Are you stupid? – Abeiku Santana to Ahkan of Ruff N Smooth

His answers to questions asked by Abeiku Santana regarding how Ruff N Smooth collapsed and why he kept on helping former member Bullet to push acts on his label seemed not convincing as the puzzled journalist questioned his ability to reason. Ahkan, a member of now defunct Ruff N Smooth in an interview with the […]