Game of Thrones petition: Over 700, 000 fans demand season 8 remake

Over 700, 000 fans of the popular television show, ‘Game of Thrones’ have called for a remake of what they termed “a disappointing last season”. News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the fans are signing a petition titled ‘Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers’. The petition had garnered 736, 080 […]

Game Of Thrones season 8 episode 2 in summary

On Game of Thrones , Bran Stark is the Three Eyed Raven, a being with the power to see everything that’s happened in the past and everything that will happen in the future. Considering all the lies, betrayals, murders, manipulations, politics, and nefarious plans that exist in this story, this is an invaluable power to […]