Funny Face is sick in the head, he is a liar and needs urgent help – Ola Michael

Movie producer, Ola Michael has taken to social media to join in the funny face and his baby mama controversies. There is an ongoing banter between actor Funny Face and is baby mama Vanessa. The issue between the two parents keeps extending further and further everyday. However, Radio Personality with Neat FM, Ola Michael has […]

King Ayisoba corrects Ghanaians…My song is “I want to sue my father”

Virtually everybody was surprised to hear King Ayisoba correct a ‘lyrical misrepresentation’ in his most popular song and till now, some cannot fathom how they got it wrong. Not only that, many are shocked about the musician’s long wait to correct the error. For over a decade, music enthusiasts have been singing and enjoying King […]