Moesha Travels North To help the Needy, she is a Proud Donor.

Previously, many celebrities celebrated their birthdays outside the shores of Ghana but in recent times, that trend has changed as they are now spending it with the less privileged in Ghana. That is exactly what actress Moesha Bodoung did under her Moesha Foundation when she turned 28 on March 10, 2019. She spent her birthday […]

Awake donates GHC75,000 to Cardio-thoracic Center

Awake Purified Drinking Water has presented a cheque of GHS75,000 to the National Cardiothoracic Centre to support persons with various cardiovascular diseases. The donation is part of the brand’s charity-driven project, One4Life campaign, which puts aside one pesewa for every 500ml bottled water sold. Awake Purified Drinking Water, from the stables of Kasapreko Company Ltd, was adjudged […]