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In this 21st Century, People find it very difficult trusting news from the internet especially those from independent bloggers. Their basic reasons are not limited to lack of credibility, but they believe, these bloggers are not certified journalist and that do not uphold their journalistic ethics and for that matter since they solely own the website they not accountable to anyone thereby doing things anyhow.

These bloggers are mostly criticized for putting out fake stuffs out there with reasons best known to them.

These unending concerns from the general public influenced our decision to put everything on the line to make sure sanity prevails in the minds of news readers against internet news blogging. We have therefore pledged to deliver news readers at every point in time without prejudice or influence whatsoever from prominent individuals, politicians, celebrities or the “big people”.

We believe news making, reporting and delivery should always be a matter of honesty, truth and factuality. microscopic lens cover Celebrities, sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle among several others. Our niche is not necessary limited to the above mentioned categories, we cover other wide range of topics including Fashion, Style, Film, Movie premieres, New Music, Top 10 songs every week.

We give preferential spaces to Advertisers to sell their products and services.


To become the most trusted news platform that feeds millions of readers with factual content.


To feed the growing population of old and young people with credible news and quality content.

Core values:

Integrity, Honesty, Factuality, Human interest, Accuracy, Balance, Currency, Concise, Clarity, Consistency.

Slogan: Vibing our generation.