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Patapaa’s girlfriend, Queen Peezy collapses



Patapaa Amisty’s girlfriend, Queen Peezy could not take the heartbreak from being dumped by Patapaa and has reportedly collapsed upon seeing the video of Patapaa kissing his new white girlfriend in Germany. She has been rushed to the Swedru Government Hospital, can confirm.

Patapaa is on tour in Europe and he has been displaying with a new girlfriend he met in Germany. A video of them in bed first made its way to the internet and later a video of them cooking in a kitchen.

Initially, a video of Queen Peezy weeping about being dumped surfaced on social media and sympathies poured in. She was advised to move on. After all, she also snatched Patapaa from another lady.

Well, Queen Peezy could not stand the hurt from what has gathered. She collapsed last night and was rushed to the hospital.

In a new video, Gabriella Kotey as Queen Peezy is privately known is seen on a hospital bed with drips on her. She seems to be recovering from the shock from what we see in the video.

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