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Sarkodie reacts to Patapaa’s New Found White woman



We have realised the extent to which most white women fall in love with black men especially for the reason that black men are super good and ’monsters’ in bed.

With that in mind, some black men who get opportunity to be with white women fall for them to the extent of going into a serious relationship, and then tend to enjoy certain privileges and it goes a long way to even acquiring citizenship of the countries the women hail from.

One of Ghana’s budding musicians in recent time; the One Corner hitmaker Patapaa, has found himself a white woman who has fallen for him to the core. 

In a video shared by the singer, he and his newly found woman were sighted having a good time in the kitchen. We can bet our last penny that Patapaa won’t love to return to Ghana anymore.

The videos went viral that several celebrities shared their thoughts as others teased him profoundly.

Sarkodie, Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2019 Artist of the Year Nominee has ever produced, also took to Twitter to tease the One Corner man as he displayed his romantic side in the videos shared online.Patapeezy!!! Highest !!!— Sarkodie (@sarkodie) March 25, 2019

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